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From an expat, to other expats.

Starting therapy is not always a straightforward decision, but it's definitely an opportunity we give ourselves to experience changes in our lives.


About me

Hello, nice to meet you.

Originally from Brazil, I landed in Madrid about a year ago for the opportunity to grow through new cultural experiences.

As a therapist, I've been consulting people with differents needs and contexts. Now in Madrid, I'm greatful for the opportunity to continue my work with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Languages: English and Portuguese

Studies: BA Psychology, Graduate Course Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Therapy with adults.

Psi Patrícia Moretti

Is it time to start therapy?

On the video below, I'll help you answer this question.

Experience helping adults with...

Some difficulties we can work together, but not limited to:

Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Relationship Issues | Mood Swings | LGBTQAI+ | Grief | Bullying | Procrastination | Burnout Syndrome | Distress | Work-related Issues | Family Difficulties | Abusive Relationships | Loneliness | Dealing with difficult thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in general | Difficult Expat Experiences | Decision Making | Self-Harm | Self-Esteem | Intimacy Issues

3 things about myself

an animal lover

I find immense joy in being around animals and studying their behavior. I do explore this topic through reading and studying, and I'm fortunate to have a beloved dog as a companion.

a reader

Since a young age, reading played an important part in my life. It was a way of getting to travel, explore other cultures, get to know other people. I believe this is close alligned with my interest in Psychology in the first place.

having simplicity as a core value

I believe that this value influences the way I choose to live every day. Simplicity, to me, entails embracing what is essential, nurturing generosity, and sharing with others. It serves as a core principle that I aspire to live by, while also recognizing that I am in a continual state of learning and growth.

"It is a great pleasure to share with people about the benefits I have through sessions with my respected psychologist, Patrícia Moretti. When we started the sessions, I was lost in my pain, doubts, conflicts, anxiety, and fear. The question is: Has anything changed in this time regarding all these feelings mentioned above? 'No,' but I have learned to deal with my pain, doubts, conflicts, and fear. Patrícia plays a fundamental role in this process of human evolution. Our sessions are not standardized; their objective is to lead my being to recognize and create solutions in the face of everything that causes me discomfort. Among conversations with friends and family, I always share how important this treatment is to me. I advise everyone I know to seek help. There is a phrase I often say to my psychologist, 'I never want to have an end to our sessions.' This doesn't mean I am dependent on someone; it simply means I am aware that the goal is not in the end but in the journey's process. Extremely grateful for all the changes over time. Patrícia, for all the times that amid struggles and conflicts, you taught me to recognize that it is in the calm that we find solutions for difficult days. Gratitude is how I describe your work and dedication. Thankful."


Get in Touch


Calle Juan de La Hoz, 10


Madrid - Spain


+34 613 82 81 70

Opening Hours

Tue- Fri

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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